I’m not a reader, but I was gripped by this story I couldn’t put this book down. Even after I read it I was still thinking about it for days. Well worth a read!

J. Dunt

Praise for My Forever heart

A Must!

For anyone that is grieving, this book is a must! Helped me enormously to see the bigger picture beyond life!

R. Evans

Praise for My Forever heart

“Emotional Journey”

Loved this book, felt like I’d gone on a long emotional journey. A powerful love story but not in the conventional sense, more like a family love story.

M. Nejnic

Praise for My Forever heart

“Deep Connection”

I’d never thought much about dying and the afterlife, but after reading this I feel like I’ve opened up to a whole new world. I really felt a connection to this story from deep within. Powerful stuff!

J. Elsey

Praise for My Forever heart

“Blew me away!”

Wow! This book just blew me away! I’m definitely going to view dying in a whole different way after reading this book.

Praise for My Forever heart


A beautiful story of love and kinship that transcends time.

Praise for My Forever heart


A journey, through loss and death, through transformation and renewal, that offers to the reader an alternative to a life turned sour through mourning and grief. It’s as if the author is telling us that we must look up, look about us, look inwards, and discover the spiritual pathways and energies that can lift and transform our lives, if only we can become open to their healing and transformative powers.

P. Burns

Praise for My Forever heart


I really enjoyed My Forever Heart. This book opens the reader up to our soul’s journey, in a sensitive, compassionate and engaging way. I recommend this book if you have questions about the purpose and meaning of our existence, and want to understand more about Spirit World and why we are here.

Hannah Macintyre

Praise for My Forever heart


My Forever Heart is a book that is both positive and life-affirming… You feel that the writer has held up life experience to the filter of spiritual knowledge and understanding, and has come away the richer for it.

P. Burns

Praise for My Forever heart

“A comforting and thought provoking read.”

Being my first spiritual novel I was unsure what to expect, I read this book with an open mind and I'm so glad I did it left me feeling comforted and warm. The concept of the story is thought provoking without being heavy, I especially love the positive messages throughout and the focus on becoming better versions of ourselves.

Victoria Tilstone

Praise for My Forever heart

“5 Stars”

Lovely book - written beautifully


Praise for My Forever heart

My Forever Heart

Melanie Veares

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My Forever Heart