My Forever Heart book - by Melanie Veares

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My Forever Heart

by Melanie Veares

As Grace Sullivan takes her final breath, she finds herself embarking on a profound spiritual journey of self-discovery and understanding, when she is born back into heaven.

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You are feeling the power of connectedness, of being one with all others. On Earth you feel the illusion of separation. But not here, here we know our truth that we are all from source, ‘All That Is.’

Excerpt from My Forever Heart

Sometimes what seems like the wrong path to others is actually the right path for you. The higher-self has all the knowledge you will ever need to access in that lifetime.

Excerpt from My Forever Heart

When you have merged you will understand the level everyone is vibrating at. But there is no one better than anyone else here. We are all from the same source.

Excerpt from My Forever Heart

She felt such a deep sense of peace as she did so. It was like she was connected to the air that was all around everything; like she was part of the air that you breathe.

Excerpt from My Forever Heart

She felt more alive than she had ever felt before. It was as if she was connected to everything and was able to communicate with everything, like they were all powered from one incredible source.

Excerpt from My Forever Heart


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My Forever Heart

Melanie Veares

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My Forever Heart